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How to Install Zoom Overlays

1. Search for Overlays - Name cards, Logo & Virtual Backgrounds in the Zoom Marketplace, or simply click here to install. Click to Install Zoom Overlays

2. Click Allow to connect the Overlays - Name cards, Logo & Virtual Backgrounds with Zoom.

🔒 BlueSky Apps are built with security as a top priority, and they do not transmit or save meeting audio, video, or chat, even to our servers.

To Uninstall Overlays in Zoom:
1. Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
2. Click Manage > Installed Apps and select "Overlays - Name cards, Logo & Virtual Backgrounds"
3. Click Uninstall.

How does the Zoom Overlays work?

Zoom Overlays - Name cards, Logo & Virtual Backgrounds

1. Overlays is added to the Apps section of your Zoom client.

Simply click Apps and then Overlay in any Zoom Meeting.

Click to customize virtual business card and background

2. Overlays automatically displays your Zoom name and title. Simply click to customize the display style, colors, font, and more.

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